How well do you know Animal Jam

Animal Jam has lots of features as it has grown over the years; the amount of people that joined the site grown worldwide each year. There are noobies and professionals that play this game.

But do you ever wonder if you are a professional? How well do you know Animal Jam and all its contents we enjoy? Take this quiz and figure out if you are a pro or not.

Created by: Miranda

  1. Name the item that appears to be golden and looks like a Top Hat.
  2. What species is Liza?
  3. What is a desired item wore on the neck?
  4. What's the most popular server?
  5. Which headdress is the best? (best in popularity )
  6. What's the game about dressing up in the SOL Arcade?
  7. What year was Animal Jam made?
  8. Which party sells the item ' Elf Bracelets '?
  9. What is the wolf alpha's name?
  10. Final Question ^_^ What location is the shop ' Epic Wonders ' found?
  11. Did you like my quizzzzz :3?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Animal Jam