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  • Is there any way to get in touch with the person who made the quiz and get a breakdown on how many possible outcomes there are and how the outcomes are determined? The guy may be A HACK but I live in Cherokee country, and I grew up a few miles from the old capital of the Cherokee Nation at New Echota in North Georgia and unlike many of the white Europeans who moved here and unjustly and forcibly removed a peaceful people from their land, I am very interested in Cherokee spirituality and culture and this quiz is kind of cool. :)

    • Osiyo hello in Cherokee) my friend. If want to get gifts and knowledgeable wisdoms and understanding of Cherokee Spiritually and culturally, visit my brothers and sisters of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation in Cherokee, North Carolina or Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, instead of online. Because anyone can create anything and make things up on the internet as well to clam anything as they see fit, just to benefit themselves and their greedy ego. The best way to find what you are looking for is to visit the Cherokee Nations in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado.

  • Which animal is your Cherokee Spirit Guide?
    Your Result: Maggot

    The maggot is called by songs of selfishness, and of death. The maggot's human is decayed within, and has little or nothing to offer the Spirit World. In this aspect, the maggot is the erasure of his human, who is beyond hope. The maggot is praised by all other spirit animals for digesting and eliminating a particular human who should not be loved or preserved.

    Well thanks a lot!! I think I will just go DIE now.

    Lolz jk but really....wow....:(

  • I got maggot, but I know that I am not like that, I think I did a few mistakes, and I didn't understand some of those questions or what to choose, I just clicked on the ones that I thought was good, but I guess they weren't like me, but whatever, oh, by the way, this might seem random, but my 2 favorite creatures are amazing, well one of them might not be alive anymore ( or not real at all ), one is a wolf and the second is a dragon, I also have a DA ( deviantart ) account

    dragon ember
  • I got maggot hahaha I think it is so funny. I got a good laugh reading the other maggot's we played a game and it was fun that's all. My Mom is Cherokee my Dad is Swedish I never got to learn the ways of ether. I do know I have all the animals they have always helped me since I was 2 so you should see this is all in fun.

  • POOR LITTLE MAGGOTS. I'm an oppossum.

    (IF YOU THINK HE rules too,then go to spiderman trivia password is venom1 quiz and tell me about your love for the greatest superhero evah!)

    Tobey Maguire is a good actor.

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  • Maggot

  • MAGGOT!!! I think I may just crawl into a dark hole and never be seen again if my animal spirt is a white suirming maggot that lives in my TRASH CAN!!!

  • I got bear! I knew I'd get an awesome result!

  • I never thought the Oppossum could describe my longing for privacy. That's profound.

  • There are alot of maggots here including me, why is that?

  • i got a squirrel but it was real close to a maggot

    prime alpha
  • i got eagle

    • Im a card carrying member of the Cherokee nation with a great great grandmother that was half Cherokee and Im very proud of my heritage. And this quiz is telling me Im a maggot? Youve got to be kidding.

    • Really? Maggot? Hey bro, I got maggot, too. I am also Cherokee, but3/4 Cherokee and proud of my identity and who I am. My father is full blood Cherokee and my mother is half Cherokee, but for over 35 years, I never knew anything about my identity and who I was, because father was never in my life and my mothers family never told us anything about Cherokee except for for a tiny little bit, when I was between 27 or 29, then he start to back track what he had told while acting like he is deathly ashamed of who we are as Cherokees, like what White people did to all of us and our ancestors as children in Indian Boarding Schools, then he started talking more and more about White mans blood from UK and European, mainly from Ireland, Scotland, France and Germany, were our long time family stories were made up from. Because, when I was finally able to start my own family genealogy research and study, I found mostly Cherokee on both sides of my family. My father is full blood Cherokee with no trace of Europeans and my mother is half Cherokee and her father is full blood Cherokee with no trace Europeans. Even though my mothers mother is non Cherokee, she has quite a bit of Pamunkey (Native American) in her, but I dont know how much Pamunkey I get from her, yet. Anyways, I see some people on here got squirrels, Eagles, Bears and other animals while most, including us Cherokee got maggots... How does that work? And where is this guy getting his information from? A crackling Cracker Jack box?


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