Which Afton member are you?

Hello reader! Welcome to this quiz! This is my 13th quiz on this website! I hope you enjoy taking this quiz as much as I did making it for you! I hope it's not too long either.

I tend to make really long quizzes. I make questions until I either run out of ideas or I get bored. It is understandable, right? I mean, I've made 20 some question quizzes. Welp, enough of this. Onto the quiz!

Created by: Purple_Grove
  1. So how are we today?
  2. Alright! So, we are gonna perform a few random questions! Some will have affect, others will not! Just be sure to answer! So, best color from here (All reds)?
  3. Best color here (Greens)?
  4. Best Color Here (Blues)?
  5. Best Color Here (Yellow)?
  6. Best Color Here (Purples)?
  7. Best Color Here (Oranges)?
  8. Best Color Here (Pinks)?
  9. How many pillows do you have on your bed whilst you sleep?
  10. What is your preferred writing utensil?
  11. Morning or Night Shower?
  12. Right or Left Handed?
  13. Preferred Vehicle?
  14. What is the max book pages in a book you'll read?
  15. Do you like snow?
  16. What kind of sleeves are you wearing currently?
  17. What color are the majority of your socks?
  18. Do you draw?
  19. Do you play any instrument (And no, rizzonnaise or mayonnaise are not instruments.)?
  20. Do you know the channel Markiplier?
  21. Do you wear any accessories? If so, what?
  22. Casual or Formal clothes for a friend?
  23. Do you pull your hair back?
  24. What kind of footwear do you wear (favorite)?
  25. Do you support the LGBTQIA+ community?
  26. What is your sexuality? (If it isn't here, please choose the one that is closest to it. =D)
  27. Do you wear glasses and/or contacts (Even if you don't wear them regularly, if you need them, say yes)?
  28. PS4 or Nintendo?
  29. What gender is the person you want to impress?
  30. Who's your favorite parent (Pick one)?
  31. Is this your device?
  32. Goodbye!

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Quiz topic: Which Afton member am I?