which afton kid is your best friend?

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do you want to know which afton kid would be your best friend?? come and check this quiz out it'll give you the answer! if you want to get the most accurate answer, please answer the questions in full honesty!

hello quiz takers! i really hope you'll click on this quiz and give a comment! thank you for your time. have a swell day, take care!!! shino fan has left

Created by: shinofan
  1. Yo broskis! (i'm letting the weirdness out!!) today we going to see which afton kid is your bestie dawg lets head in!
  2. we might do a little role-play on the way who know's dawgo.
  3. so first question! favorite color?
  4. so gender?
  5. okay pronouns?
  6. okay favorite animatronic
  7. okay. do you like ice cream?
  8. okay favorite animal?
  9. thoughts on william?
  10. okay role-play! you saw Elizabeth go near circus baby, she's about to take circus baby's ice cream, what do you do?
  11. you saw Michael try to put Evan inside fredbears mouth.. what do you do?
  12. how old are you?
  13. hope you enjoyed!

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Quiz topic: Which afton kid is my best friend?