Which AC or BNHA Charater has a crush on you?

would you like to take this quiz? If yes then drive right in to find out which character from assassination classroom or Boku no hero acedamia has a crush on you.

If no then why are you even taking the quiz. If you ever change your mind you can still take the quiz, I promise it will be a funny way to spend your freetime!

Created by: Melo of n/a
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  1. Does Fighting frighten you?
  2. How often do you wonder if you are really not important on earth; like your not the main character of you story?
  3. How do you prefer your food?
  4. Do you easily lose your temper?
  5. Fire or Ice?
  6. In school did you feel like an outcast?
  7. Are you happy with who you are?
  8. Sweet or tough?
  9. Assassination Classroom or My Hero Acadamia?
  10. was this quiz fun?

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