Where in the U.S. Should You Live

Have you ever wondered, specifically, where in America you should live? Maybe you already have an idea? Maybe you like where you live now? Or maybe not?

In any case, this quiz will offer you an option that perhaps you hadn't considered, and hopefully it will do so in a fun and intriguing way! At the very least, take the quiz and see if your thoughts are confirmed!

Created by: Fred

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Humidity bothers me:
  2. I like precipitation:
  3. Which of these is most important to you?
  4. Which of these sports or hobbies would most interest you?
  5. Which is your favorite holiday:
  6. Favorite food:
  7. Do you prefer watching the sunrise, or the sunset?
  8. Preferred form of travel?
  9. Which of these pets would you (most) choose?
  10. Judging by the titles, which of these books would you most like to read:

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Quiz topic: Where in the U.S. should I Live