Where are you most ticklish?

Where are you ticklish? Take this wuiz and find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you most ticklish?????? Find out now! Underarms??Feet??Belly? Where? Whereeee?

Your underarms? Your feet and toes? Your belly? Who knows? You once you take this quizYoull see where you are most ticklish!!!!!!!Time to find out right now

Created by: Lol

  1. What do you think is more ticklish?
  2. If someone used an electric toothbrush and tickled inbetween your toes, what would your reaction be?
  3. Your held in place with your arms above your head, wearing a top that exposes your belly and underarms. Someone begind to tickle your waistline, with a feather. Whats your reaction?
  4. Someone wiggles their fingers at your armpits. The next thing you know, your held in place unable to move. Someone teases you, wiggling their fingers over your armpits, whats your reaction?
  5. Your tied up with no way out, Someone takes your socks off, and lightly uses their fingers to tickle the soles of your feet, then they hold your toes back and tickle there
  6. You are tied up. Someone motions a tickling motion over your hips and belly what do you do?
  7. The tickler tapes two electric toothbrushes to your feet and uses a feather to tickle your belly whats your reaction?
  8. What one of these sounds like the worst one to be tickled with on your feet and toes?
  9. And on your belly and waistline?
  10. What do you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Where am I most ticklish?