What hogwarts house do you belong in?

Your ill find out your hogwarts house for life ya Emilia and Jonathan ya so take this quiz you will not regret it have a fun life at the wonderful world of

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Created by: Dance

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  1. You have four choices, win 20 million dollars , cure cancer, bring a family member back from the grave, make hogwarts real
  2. Do you do chores around your house for free or do you make your parents pay you ?
  3. What power would you want
  4. Pick an animal
  5. Would you risk your friends life to be the most powerful person in the world
  6. Would you rather be Rich but not happy or poor but happy
  7. whats the first letter of your name
  8. Emilia or Eduardo
  9. Do you have a cat named monkey
  10. Hogwarts for life

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Quiz topic: What hogwarts house do I belong in?