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  • apperinly i will only live till 65 thats not good o well enjoy life is all i haver to say and to the emos stop cutting ur self. five stars

    mcalover Jul 31 '09, 11:18PM
  • Lol@teddy person I stopped reading when it said he/she was 13. Probably a emo wanting attention.

    noroka Jul 20 '09, 11:39PM
  • 71% baby! hell yeah! 50-65 years!

    alltimelowluver Jul 15 '09, 11:29PM
  • I got 43%

    Netto PP Jul 14 '09, 12:11PM
  • I got 91%. :P

    Bambi Jul 14 '09, 10:58AM
  • i got 44%

    scarves Jul 14 '09, 10:40AM
  • i got 77%

    c00ki3xm0n5t3r Jul 14 '09, 10:27AM

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