Whatz yor wepon?

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What is your favorite weapon? Swords, guns, explosives, yourself, or catapults? You can find out after taking this test. Or you can take some dumb psychologist's test, but that's boring.

My favorite weapon is the explosive. I have known it for a long time, and I didn't need this test. Just goes to show that I'm smarter than you, since I made this test. I'm gonna go blow something up now. Seeya. :D

Created by: Himan Bobb

  1. Do you like explosions?
  2. Do you like sharp things
  3. Do you like boxing/wrestling?
  4. How do you feel about shooting stuff?
  5. How much do you like fire?
  6. Have you ever been in a fist fight?
  7. Are you voilent?
  8. How good is your hand-eye coordination?
  9. How well do you aim
  10. How good are you with pyrotechnics?

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