Whats your warrior name?

I love warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't you?! They are so awesome so I made this quiz. They are just so awesome! Do you not know what they are? If not your crazy! Erin Hunter's Warriors rules!!!

I got the first idea because someone on horseland told me to take a quiz. I took it on here and thought about making my own. So here it is. Give thanks to that player on horseland.com. the web adddress is ... [no urls] join there

Created by: jane of horseland
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  1. If you were in a huge storm and lightning struck a tree above your camp and fell you would...
  2. Who is your favorite cat of these?
  3. What are you most suites to?
  4. What cat is your favorite in the 4th series?
  5. Do you have a cat?
  6. You like ________ best.
  7. I can be a leader.
  8. My food is...
  9. Which is your favorite series?
  10. So is this quiz great?
  11. Is Spottedleaf gonna leave StarClan forever?

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Quiz topic: Whats my warrior name?