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  • Unique style
    I guess so

    Skinny jeans and a baggy sweatshirt or t shirt or a shorter t shirt

    My favorite shoes are actually dc's, vans, and addidas

    I'm a skater, do I dress like one?

  • "Shy style".
    ...I prefer to not look like a "call girl".
    Seven stars.

  • Miley Crus, Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff all have the same teeny bopper style.

    It's not even they're own style, it's whatever someone dresses them in.

  • Your Result: in style

    you wear whats in style.. you never would wear somthing that everyone else isnt. so you just follow the instyle cute croud. and this means youll allways get an A in fashion.

    unique style
    geaky style
    rich style
    shy style
    colorful style

    Great quiz, but I'm not very stylish...but atleast Unique is the second one...good job!


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