Whats your relationship theme song

There are very few people who dont have a theme song and want to know what their possible theme song may be but if you already know what your theme song is this may not be for you a relationship theme song is a song that you and your significant other choose to represent you alls relationship

Are you only in it for the sex? is it JUST for the appearance? do you really love this amazing person that you have grown to love and care about so much? but for now they are unanswered questions but in a few moments you will find out the answer to one if not all of them

Created by: Mahogany

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your man/girl calls you in the middle of the night wanting you to help him/her out they are in some trouble you
  2. how long have you benn in the relationship you are in now
  3. do you believe in true love
  4. are you truly in love
  5. what age do you prefer
  6. what do you say before you hang up with your significant other
  7. how often do you tell them you love them
  8. when you say you love them do you mean it
  9. Would you do anything in the world for them
  10. can you honestly and truly say they are the love of your life

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Quiz topic: Whats my relationship theme song