Whats your nickname? (Girls only)

There are many more nicknames, as if, your nickname is meaning your life, and how you are. You may not u r what you got, but trust me, quizzes know best!

Are you a Angel? Do you have what it takes to be in heave when u die? this quiz says u do. U r a angel sent from heaven above!!U were made to be a good girl:):)

Created by: smilo(wink,wink)

  1. pick a number.
  2. A guy walks up to you, he is really cute. He says "Hey, my name is Adrian." What about you? He smiles. And you say"____."
  3. You are...
  4. you are most...
  5. You are a...
  6. pick a name (doesn't have to be your name)
  7. pick a name ( doesnt have to be your name)
  8. u r mostley to do what in the summer?
  9. what do you wear on a regular school day?
  10. what do you wear on picture day at your school?
  11. pick one
  12. pick one
  13. pick one
  14. pick one

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Quiz topic: Whats my nickname? (Girls only)