Whats your gem placement?

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Ever seen a quiz for your gem placement in Steven Universe? Yes? No? Well here’s another one regardless. Please take this quiz... please. It took me forever. :)

Anyway! Enjoy! It really did take a while and all credits go to Rebecca Sugar for her amazing show! Now on to the quiz.

Created by: Saph
  1. So you burst out of the ground and see you’re the last to emerge. What is the first thing you say, think, or do?
  2. After all that, another gem starts approaching each of you one by one, to give you an assignment. You have a strange feeling this is going to take a while. What do you say, think, or do?
  3. After countless hours of waiting, that same gem finally comes to you, and brings you your assignment. She keeps mentioning how wonderful building this colony was and just keeps talking and talking. What do you think, say or do?
  4. Finally she stops talking, and sends you on your way. You find a warp pad and activate it. A burst of blue/white light glows past you as you go. You hear a faint scream outside your scream, but it’s a scream of joy and laughter. What do you do in return?
  5. Before you start your assignment, you see another one of your facet who’s upset. What do you do?
  6. You notice that your assignment has moved on without you, and it’s just you and that other gem that you saw. They’re feeling better now, and ask you what you want to do now. What do you say, think, or do?
  7. Now that the main part is over, what would your friends mostly call you?
  8. Left or Right?
  9. What would your gem weapon be?
  10. Final question: (doesn’t affect results) Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Whats my gem placement?