How well do you know The Steven Universe Movie?

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Are you ready for the ultimate quiz on Steven Universe!? A Steven Universe Movie quiz has never been done on the site before it is! So, are you ready?

This quiz will test your knowledge on The Steven Universe Movie and everything about it! (Well, obviously not everything) so, yeah! Get your Gem Power ready, cause your gonna need it!

Created by: StevenSpinel

  1. What's the song called that starts the movie off?
  2. What does Steven decide to do about being pink diamond?
  3. ALERT: easy question: which villain is in this movie?
  4. Which one is a line in the song "Change"?
  5. How old is Steven in this movie?
  6. Random question: guess my fav Steven movie character!
  7. What does Steven suggest to get his friends' memories back?
  8. Where do Steven and Spinel go to get Spinel's memories back?
  9. What is the song "Drift Away" about?
  10. What song is right after "Drift Away"?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Steven Universe Movie?