what zodiac miraculous do you have

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hello, It's me again. today you will be answering my MIRACULOUS LADYBUG quiz. well you'll seem this is boring, but you need to answer it first so you can see the results.

these aren't just normal kwamis, these are zodiac kwamis. (example: dog miraculous) there are eleven questions you need to answer. well, I hope you enjoy!!!👍🏻

Created by: ricelthericegirl
  1. what animal will you choose
  2. what food
  3. what weather
  4. what hobby
  5. what place
  6. what thing
  7. what person
  8. what story
  9. what song
  10. what kwami do you think you are going to get
  11. are you ready to see the results

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Quiz topic: What zodiac miraculous do I have