What Yugioh Duelst Are YOU?

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thank you for coming., i love yugioh and trasnformers. i have my very own deck as well and i love the Dark Magician. i watch Yu-Gi-Oh! alot and love it. i hope you can take my quiz

if you take my quiz just know that i did't come up with it all. my sis came up with one too so she kinda helped with the quiz too. she loves red eyes and has two of them just as i have two blue eys. lol

Created by: IceRod

  1. What kind of dueling deck would you have?
  2. Who Do You Think Your Most Like?
  3. Who Is Your Fav Monster Out Of..
  4. How Do You Find Duel Monster Cards?
  5. Who is Your fav Main Person Out of...
  6. If You Had A God Card What Would You Do With It?
  7. What is Your Fav Show?
  8. Your Fav Book?
  9. What Would You Look Like If You Were In The Yu-Gi-Oh! TV Show?
  10. if you had a pet in Yu-Gi-Oh! what would it be?

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Quiz topic: What Yugioh Duelst am I?