What your Warrior Clan?

To be a warrior is a great Depending on what clan you belong to, there are slightly different duties, problems and values. Values are extremely important. Your clan has different values then others.

Based on these values, your true Clan is revieled. What Clan do YOU belong to? Are you brave? Witty? Ambitious? Find out what clan you belong to: take the test!

Created by: Spottedfur
  1. You would break the warrior code for good reason
  2. You are a fast runner
  3. You would defend a friend, even if it effected your reputation
  4. You love to swim in the rain
  5. You prefer not to socialize about your problems
  6. You are loyal to your clan
  7. You are very ambitious
  8. You are good at puzzles and riddles
  9. What is your favourite colour of all these?
  10. The weather does not bother you

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Quiz topic: What my Warrior Clan?