What Youkai/Monster are you?

Youkai are the monsters, demons and spirits from Japanese mythology. They each possess mystic powers and usually represent an animal. Most youkai are evil, but there are good or neutral youkai as well.

So what kind of youkai do you look like? A nekomata (cat), oni (ogre/troll), or maybe a tengu(crow)? You can take this quiz to find out, and perhaps learn a bit more about Eastern myths.

Created by: Kimberley
  1. Are you violent?
  2. What's your take on humans?
  3. And on animals?
  4. Do you think you can become old?
  5. Pick an ability.
  6. Are you more mischievous, or cruel?
  7. Free time! You're going to...
  8. Are you evil or good?
  9. Are you energetic?
  10. Night or day?

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Quiz topic: What Youkai/Monster am I?