What Monster Are You?

see what monster you are vampire,mummy,ghost,cookie monster,or boogie monster.it has some wiered questions sooo ya.i got so bored so ya, injoy!thank you for my boring ness

two paragraphs!!!!! ugh this sucks soo.ok.1.2#.2. hello again!! i guess!! omg i cant wait till schl is out right ya!i like sch sometimes.but then i dont. so y. enjoy!!

Created by: Carly Do:)
  1. What is your fav. color?
  2. What best describes you?
  3. What guy name is the cutest?
  4. Whats your fav. animal?
  5. Whats your fav.song?
  6. Whats you fav.number?
  7. There is 10 fish 7 drowned how many is left?
  8. What simbol are you?
  9. Whats your fav.catch phrase?
  10. Which is better?

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Quiz topic: What Monster am I?