What Monster Are You?

Have you ever wondered what a terrifying monster you really are? This is not a quiz to insult you. If you're super lucky, you'll get to be something awesome!

You can take this quiz whenever feels good for you. It's a test of personality more than that of intelligence so it shouldn't be to hard for you or anyone.

Created by: Crosswing
  1. What weapon do you use in combat?
  2. How do you view humans?
  3. Where would you like to live?
  4. Choose a color that you like.
  5. Do you have any friends?
  6. You see a deer. What is your reaction?
  7. What emotional state are you in right now?
  8. A mountain dramatically explodes.
  9. On an unrelated note,do you play Kingdom Hearts? Which one. :D
  10. If you own KH we are official friends! I LUVS U.

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Quiz topic: What Monster am I?