What monster are you

There as many monster to think about,but you have to be one of these or you are going to be Souless,you should answer your real answer,and be really honest.

Are you a monster or are you Souless,I hope that you are guessing,you will find out in this bran new quiz that I made,so I really hope you love it!!!!!

Created by: Mrs.Ivins of Ohara.org
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  1. If you were trapped,how would you get out?
  2. A www,it's dinner time,what are we eating?
  3. My favorite time?
  4. Your best friend is...
  5. Favorite animal
  6. Favorite color
  7. Favorite cloth
  8. Were do you live?
  9. Favorite holiday
  10. Candy please

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Quiz topic: What monster am I