What Would Your Tough Guy Nickname Be?

Car explosions, robbing banks, police chases...all the action of being in a gang..without the danger! But in order to be in a gang, you need a tough guy nickname!!! This quiz will match you up with the perfect name!

Are you a brains of the operations? The muscles? The drool monkey? Or are you the one that the gang picks on? Well, just hurry up and start filling out these bubbles!!! Fool..........

Created by: Squitto
  1. What is essential to your well being?
  2. What's the phrase most people say to you?
  3. If you had an Italian mob, what would you name it?
  4. Favorite saying?
  5. Favorite color combos?
  6. Stupidest thing ever?
  7. Best movie out of this list?
  8. Favorite boy band?
  9. Favorite sock brand?
  10. Favorite Musical?
  11. Final Question...what do you think your name will be?

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Quiz topic: What Would my Tough Guy Nickname Be?