Are you tough, or wimpy

Some people are tough, some cry to their moms. You can decedid if you are tough and never lose a fight, or if you are wimpy and lose every fight and cry everytime you get even the smallest cut.

Ary you tough? Are you wimpy? find out in this short 12 answer quiz to find out if you'v got what it takes to be cool and tough, or what it takes to cry to your mom for protection and help.

Created by: Glenn
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  1. If you get cut by a razor blade, and are bleeding good, do you cry to mamma or handle it yourself?
  2. Do you make the people you attempt to beat you up sorry?
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up, or what are you now?
  4. have you ever gotten severly hurt?
  5. Have you ever asked out a girl, or boy recently?
  6. Do you talk to people you don't know, ex. Wrong number
  7. what shows do you watch
  8. have you every started a fight?
  9. Do you have muscles(don't lie)
  10. Did this quiz make you embarresed?

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Quiz topic: Am I tough, or wimpy