What would your perfect iPod be?

Ok so I was kinda bored and this os one of my first quizzed. It tells you what your perfect iPod would look like. Also on the comments tell me if I should make a Harry Potter love story

Ok do you think I should make a Harry potter love story? RANDOMNESS but I am really bored I don't want to type so many characters!!!!! Really peeps Yay done

Created by: Beatle Obsessed
  1. Ok, so sorry but what year were you born?
  2. Favorite color?
  3. Would it play just music?
  4. What is one main adjective or phrase to describe you?
  5. Could you be friends with a 5th grade girl named Clio? (Sorry for total randomness!)
  6. The rest of the questions have no effect including this one
  7. What do u see right here .
  8. Choose:
  9. Do you go to Walker Upper Elementary?
  10. Ok! Are u excited?

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Quiz topic: What would my perfect iPod be?