What would be your highest skill in a video game?

If you were in a video game, what would be your highest skills and attributes? Take this quiz to find out! See how you rate on ten different skills, which skill is your best and which is your worst.

The actual result you get is your highest skill. The first five results you get are your five best skills. The lowest skills you get are your worst skills. Hopefully this makes sense!

Created by: annafrozen12
  1. What would you do if someone tried to start a fight with you in real life?
  2. How high is your tolerance for pain?
  3. How healthy are you?
  4. Are you more fast or strong?
  5. How active is your social life?
  6. How spiritual are you?
  7. Is it easy for you to become motivated to complete a task?
  8. Do you like math and challenging your brain?
  9. Do you like to travel?
  10. Do you like your life?

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Quiz topic: What would be my highest skill in a video game?