What video game platform are you most like?

Imagine that magically you turned into a video game platform, which one would you be? Would you a PC, a Playstation, an Xbox, or a Nintendo? Where would your personality take you?

Are you a PC? Do you have the skills and the looks to be the best of the best? Or are you an Xbox or Playstation? Or are you a Nintendo? *laughs*

Created by: rotflmaster
  1. How popular are you in general?
  2. Are you a show-off?
  3. Do you always buy the latest in technology?
  4. How social are you?
  5. How often are you made fun of?
  6. What's your favorite color?
  7. Do you like change?
  8. Are you a control freak?
  9. Are you cheap?
  10. How attractive are you?

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Quiz topic: What video game platform am I most like?