What Words Describe You?

SO you figured out your personality huh!? Remember to always stay true to you! You are SO awesome! I hope you answered all the question truthfully! :)

Have you ever wondered what personality you have? Are you funny, smart, responsible, kind, sweet, caring, etc. Now in a few minutes find out with this fantastic quiz!

Created by: G.R.

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  1. You have a chance to hang out with the most popular group at school but you're best friend wasn't invited what do you do?
  2. It's the night before a big test you can study or go to the biggest part of the year what do you do?
  3. Your Mom buys you the ugliest sweater for christmas she asks what you think how do you respond?
  4. You are at the amusement park with your friends the group is going on the most big, thrilling, fun roller coaster; but your best friend doesn't like roller coasters what do you do?
  5. What kind of Music?
  6. your friend has a major crush and you have an even bigger crush on the same person your crush asks you out what do you do?
  7. your friends tell you they are going to ditch school and go to a concert they invite you but you have a big test and it isn't retakable what do you do?
  8. Your Crush asks you out, but you parents tell you you aren't allowed to date until you are 14 what do you do?
  9. Both your Bff's have their bday parties on the same weekend, but they don't like eachother one bit. who's do you go to?
  10. What's your fave animal?
  11. What's your fave color?

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