What wolf rank are you?

Wolves are a very interesting animals who have a special way of finding out who is most important in there groups called packs. There ranked in difrent groups that consist of the Alphas, Betas, Delta, and Omegas.

If you were a wolf or in a wolf pack what group or rank would you be in? Would you be an Alpha? Or maby you would be a Beta wolf. Take this test and find out now!!!

Created by: Lauren
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have control over what you do in a group or at school?
  2. When you are at a party and there is a long line for food what section of the line would you be in?
  3. You are moving and you want your pack to come and they say...
  4. At school you are...
  5. When your with your friends you...
  6. You go hunting and you get...
  7. After a good days hunt you...
  8. You are...
  9. Pick a sighn that represents you most!!
  10. What means most to you???

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Quiz topic: What wolf rank am I?