What Wolf Pack do you belong to

This whole quiz is RP to see what wolf pack you would belong in you are a wolf and you choose your appearance, name, your role, your personality, and what pack you love to be in

Why don't you go take the quiz and get your results. Am I getting in your way I'm so sorry. Oh ok I'm so cray cray um actually ok go ahead then. Ok. alright then.

Created by: Emowoman
  1. Rp time what would your wolf appearance be
  2. What would your personality be
  3. What would your name be
  4. What pack would you want to be in
  5. What would your rank be
  6. Your out in the forest and your pack members call you a name what do you do
  7. The pack alpha chooses you what is your first desion for the pack
  8. The full moon is out do you howl
  9. The pack brought back some food it was meat do you eat it first or last
  10. Did you enjoy This quiz (this won't effect your score)

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Quiz topic: What Wolf Pack do I belong to