What WOF Ship Are U (Second Arc)?

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Are you bored? Do you like to read? Are you a dragon? Do you read Wings of Fire? Than this quiz is for you (and no, you don't need to be a dragon)!!!!

These ships include: Moonbli, Anemarin, Turtlejou, and Lynxter! Art credit to Joy Ang. If you haven't read WOF you miiight be a bit like WHAT but that's ok!

Created by: meh
  1. Hello! How are you feeling today?
  2. Which one of the Jade Winglet would you have a crush on?
  3. Which queen is your favorite?
  4. Who would be your greatest enemy if you went to Jade Mountain Academy?
  5. Which "Founder of the School" do you think yourself most as (if you had to pick one?)
  6. Do you have a crush?
  7. Here's a riddle. You have to guess it! Okay. What begins, but has no end, yet ends all that begins?
  8. Here's another! There are four siblings in this world, all born together. The first runs and never wearies. The second eats and is never full. The third drinks and is always thirsty. The fourth sings a song forever. Who are they?
  9. What word describes you best?
  10. Last question (please don't kill me!) What's your favorite color?
  11. Now. Let us have fate decide.

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