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  • i got stormclan xD o_o What WLZ Clan Do You Belong In?

    Your Result: StormClan

    Congratulations! You belong in StormClan. These fierce warriors tend to be night hunters, darker colored with medium fur, and hunt things no cat would usually dare, including things that usually hunt cats themselves! They are fierce, loyal, proud, and stubborn. Some of the best fighters in the Clans. They take their jobs seriously, although a bit too seriously sometimes, and are quick to judge others or jump to the defense, always slightly suspicious of others, and proud of their clean fierce heritage. They stubbornly stick to their ways, and it can take a lot of convincing to get them to go against what they believe. You should be proud to belong to such a proud Clan. Does it suite you? Do you belong to the shadows and the pride and majesty and battle hunger? Then you belong in StormClan. Keep your claws sharp my friend.


  • iceclan. wow. this quiz is accurate.

  • o.o I got StormClan.


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