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  • Your Result: RainWings 79%

    RainWings are small, colorful dragons with constantly color-changing scales, prehensile tails for climbing through the forest, and deadly venom that will melt anything that is living. They are extremely docile, preferring to stay peaceful and take long naps in the sunlight. RainWings are also very open about their emotions and care greatly for one another despite being a bit forgetful.

    41% MudWings
    38% NightWings
    33% SandWings
    26% IceWings
    24% SeaWings
    5% SkyWings

    uhm- im kinda the complete opposite- im really weird- im uhh shy but have a short temper, if i had venom that would be uhh- bad, very very bad, i think i don't want the world to burn but them my bodys saying yes! yes you do! you want to watch it all burn and you know if you dont everyone will act like your not there and ignore you, you want them to fear you! you want them to hide and move out of your way but i dont want that, i dont want to be noticed..but i might just want to burn some parts of the earth....


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