what wings of fire dragon are you?

this my first quiz please dont judge me. this is about wings of fire an awesome book series about five dragnets trying to end a war about three queens.

i hope you like it. btw this quiz tells you witch tribe you might be from. if your not happy with your answer then just remember its my first quiz. have fun!!!

Created by: Grace
  1. your all alone, you see a blanket, a tree, and a rope. its late at night and its about to rain what do you do?
  2. where would you go for a swim?
  3. what would be your animal friend?
  4. whats you favorite colour?
  5. where do you want to go?
  6. whats your favorite tribe?
  7. who old are you?
  8. what will be your job?
  9. will you have a family
  10. you are...

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Quiz topic: What wings of fire dragon am I?