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  • Woohoo - exactly what i think :D
    Your Result: doctor

    You don't care if something is gross alls you care about is saving lifes. You like the fact that you are the only one that can save someones life. You are willing to go to school for a long time.

    Result Breakdown:
    84% doctor
    81% CIA agent
    76% singer
    70% sports player
    67% Teacher
    53% Techno geek
    50% pimper/ho
    0% hobo

  • Your Result: CIA agent

    You like to go under cover and spy on people. You can see what people are doing when they don't even know you are there. You like adventure and are willing to risk your life.

  • I got doctor close enough I want to be a vet... Great quiz!

    Radar 1
  • Yay got singer :D and I mostly loooovveee to sing :)

  • SINGER!! YES!! that was my 2nd choice. i wanted sports playr.


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