What will your future boyfriend look like?

what will ur future boyfriend look like will he look like a tomato no i didn't think so or will he look like larry the pickle i like cactuses they're spikey CHUCK NORRIS

i like pie it tastes like pee i wonder if pee can freeze i wish have u ever licked a pole i have my tongue froze to it my mom had to yank it off it really hurt

Created by: pieisreallygood456
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of boy do you dream of dating and/or marrying?
  2. Is your future boyfriend gunna be hawt?
  3. What will ur future boyfriend's job be? (that is, if you marry him)
  4. Will your boyfriend like to socialize?
  5. If someone was robbing you, and your boyfriend came in time to stop them, what would he do?
  6. Will your boyfriend really be interested in you, or will he cheat on you?
  7. Dang I h8 12 questions. Okay, uh- where will ur boyfriend take u on ur guys' 1st date?
  8. R u ready 4 ur answer? (no effect)
  9. U sure?
  10. r u really sure?

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Quiz topic: What will Ir future boyfriend look like?