Who Cullen Is Your Future Boyfriend?

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This quiz is for GIRLS ONLY!! NO BOYS!! Please take this quiz and leave comments! I really hope you enjoy this quiz. I worked hard on it, really hard.

Are you a fan of the Cullens? If so take this quiz and find out! Lets see your future Cullen boyfriend. Find out if they are interested in you! Twilight fans come here. Twilight haters come here too!!

Created by: Sup9877
  1. Which Cullen do you prefer as your boy friend?
  2. What animal is in The Cullen Crest
  3. What is the Vampires worst enemy?
  4. What is your favorite Twilight book?
  5. Do you like Bella as a Vampire?
  6. Who was the first Cullen Vampire?
  7. Who was the second Cullen Vampire?
  8. Who was the third Cullen Vampire?
  9. Who was the fourth Cullen Vampire?
  10. Who was the fifth Cullen Vampire?
  11. Who was the sixth Cullen Vampire?

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Quiz topic: Who Cullen Is my Future Boyfriend?