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  • Your Result: Ranga

    Your child will be the laughing stock of all children! It will have red hair and blobs of freckles all over his/ her body. It will have glasses and wear overalls to school.

    What exactly is wrong with red hair? I have red hair, and would be interested in hearing what you had to say about it. I have glasses, again, what is your problem? Also, "popular" kids are jerks pretending to be someone else because they're too afraid to be themselves. I am never afraid and very unique, and proud! So up yours.

  • I agree with Phoebe. I have red hair too and got Ranga. Please don't ever insult a person by the color of their hair of how they look or dress it means nothing. What matters is their personality and you obviously don't have a very good one of those.

  • coolio, quiz, i liked it!!! NIce job!!! ;-)


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