What Will You Be In Warriors?

Warriors is a interesting book series, and there are so little quizzes on it! I made this for my entertainment, and yours. In this you will find what rank you are in the mystical world of WARRIORS! Have Fun! ~SpottedFur_

Are You A Wise Cat? Or A Creative One? In This You Will find What You Are! Will You Live A Happy Life? Or One Full Of Terrible Mistakes? YOU CHOOSE! This quiz has told me what i am!

Created by: SpottedFur_

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  1. You Are A Kit, What Are You Interested in?
  2. You Are a kit with your litter mates, and a fox appears! What do You do?
  3. You Are A Apprentice, What Is The First Thing You Want to do?
  4. You Are Out Of The Camp, Doing Stuff And 5 Rouges come! What Skills Do You Use?
  5. You Meet A Cat From Another Clan Called SunEar, And You Begin To Meet With Them. What Do You Do?
  6. FOR SHE CATS ONLY! You Notice You Have Kits! What Do You Do?
  7. The Kits Names are:
  8. You have an apprentice, Who Do You Choose?
  9. There is a clan attack! You;
  10. This Is My First Quiz, And The Things Might Be Weird But, Should I Make More Quizzes? With More Questions?
  11. You Are Able To Make A Battle Plan; You
  12. Are You
  13. Did You Like My Quiz?

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Quiz topic: What will I Be In Warriors?