What will he do for you on Valentine's Day?

Ok Ladies... yes this quiz is for the ladies really. Every year we get to what some ladies may even class as the day they look forward to the most (or least) Yes, that's right, Valentines Day is coming up...

Sooo... what kind of guy have you got? Will he make or break this Valentines Day for you? Will it be flowers and candy or tears and tissues? Find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: Paula

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How did you meet?
  2. On your first date where did you go?
  3. How long have you been going out for?
  4. Has he introduced you to his parents?
  5. Has he introduced you to any of his friends?
  6. When he comes to see you what's the first thing he does?
  7. When he's with you his phone...
  8. You're out with your man and his ex is approaching. She...
  9. His favourite movie is...
  10. His idea of a romantic night in is...

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