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  • Your Result: You will miss out on a big opportunity

    Someti me in the future you will miss out on a big opportunity. It may be a chance for a good job, a chance to be famous, or a chance to win lots of money. Either way, you'll miss out on it due to your bad luck. This will be your biggest regret in life.

    Should've known. -.- My luck is terrible. :(

  • I got I will severly injure someone. I can see it happening, there is someone I know I would kill if I ever saw them again for what they did to me and my family. This would not be the biggest regret of my life, I'd be quite happy about it.

  • Your result: You will severely injure someone

  • You Will Loose All Your Friends

    ;~; I might be mean in the furture, but I'd never do anything to make my friends dislike me.

  • Man i never knew i would that stupid to miss out on a big opportunity. _ .

    Anna marie diaz

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