What Wedgie Punishment You Need

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This is the test to see if you have been very very naughty or nice i am daddy Santa the better looking one you will ether do it your self or a friend or family member will wedgie you. I'm daddy Santa coming to your house this year and giving you wedgies.

This is daddy Santa speaking you will be taking my punishment test then I or a friend or family member will wedgie you. and you guys will be my wedgies slaves. you will dress up in reveling cloths and i will be smacking you every time you misbehave your parents will be sending you to me soon so i will get to meet you. This is daddy Santa sighing off have a good quiz.

Created by: Kitty wedgies

  1. Female or Male
  2. Do you like Wedgies
  3. If yes what wedgies do you like
  4. Do you give or get wedgies
  5. What kind of underwear are you wearing
  6. What have you done
  7. Is anyone with you
  8. Why did you come here
  9. Are you ready for this to be over
  10. I have been
  11. You will do any punishment that comes after this punishment.

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