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  • I got dared to do this by one of my friends and we was on a group call with my crush and I got hanging wedgieso I took my trousers off and my undies were exposed they were taking pics of me,my panties was pink with peppa pig on they were my siblings.I hung my self off a clothes peg and all of my friends always give me wedgies and pull my trousers down now

  • Propeller Wedgie: Twist until they will not twist anymore have the other person ask you 8 questions each one you get wrong they get to twist the underwear more and you have to stay like that 10 min every question you get wrong. I got all the questions wrong and it was hell.

    Justin Miller
  • I lost a bet and had to do this as a dare. I got atomic wedgie but my older siblings gave me worse. They stripped me down to my underwear and put me in a diaper and then forced me to poop and pee myself. They put me in a hanging wedgie from a coat hook and took loads of pictures. This really hurt my balls and I'm seeking out for revenge.

    Luke Skywalkeryo
  • I got backwards wedgie. My brother made me take this quiz and he saw that I got backwards wedgie and stripped my pants and underwear and put my underwear on backwards and started yanking. And he gave me and spanking and swirly while I was in the wedgie. He also hung me on the wall and I stayed in the wedgie all day and night.

  • Turn your underwear the wrong way so it is like you are wearing a thong and yank. If you are in a group do this for as long as you can till they call mercy. If you are by yourself, do this for 10 minnutes. If you fail each person around you gets to do a different wedgie on you. I got this

  • I was at a partt and someone dared me to do this quiz. I always guve people wedgies so this their payback..my first wedgie...they left me in a jock loxk for 2 hrs and i PISSED MYSELF! It was humiliating now im the target of the school how dare u


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