What Wedgie do You Deserve? (Wedgie Dares) {Male}

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This Quiz will tell you what wedgie YOU deserve. There will be multiple questions to show what this wedgie is that you deserve. This quiz is made specifically for male's because male wedgies are the only types of wedgie I specialize in.

This Quiz can also be used for Wedgie Dare purposes, and you can give what ever wedgie you get on the quiz in real life. Just so you know, this isn't based on what you want, it is what you deserve. If you wanted a hanging wedgie, don't get mad that you deserve a front wedgie. lol

Created by: Gavin Dunny

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  1. What type of underwear to you mostly wear?
  2. What color of Underwear do you mostly wear?
  3. What is your favorite wedgie out of these 8? (minor effect on Results)
  4. What is your sexuality?
  5. Giver or Receiver of the wedgie?
  6. If you are a Receiver then what gender do you want your giver to be?
  7. If you are a Giver then what gender do you want your receiver to be?
  8. What is your opinion on wedgies?
  9. Do you no anybody who likes wedgies? If so, what is your relationship with them?
  10. Do you have any hobby's or interest?

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Quiz topic: What Wedgie do I Deserve? (Wedgie Dares) {Male}