what warrior cat you are most like

out of bramblestar, hawkfrost, bristlefrost, sandstorm,the second tigerstar or dovewing.find out what warrior cat you are most like.please some of the books first

nachonaconaconaconachonachonachonachonacho hi hi hi hi hi hi my my nyny bybyvyvycycyxyxyhduefhrifhrgerjkhgoetienjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)>>O< >O< read some books

Created by: wildnightcat

  1. your clanmates (friends) would discribe you as...
  2. your best trait
  3. who you hope to be
  4. fave colour
  5. fave animal
  6. fave mode of transport
  7. fave time of day
  8. gender
  9. fave kind movie
  10. fave elelement

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