What Warrior cat are you?

You can take this quiz in 1 min.!It has no cussing and it is apropret for all ages.It is about the warrior you repersent.It is a true test saying your name if you were a warrior cat living with the clans.

Can you live up to your warrior name?Take this test to find out.You may be a warrior or a leader or if you fail you may be a kittypet or mabe eavan a rouge!

Created by: Thunderstar

  1. How would you treat your clan?
  2. What trait best describes you?
  3. If you hade to choose to either save your leader(who is on his last life)or save your best friend,who would you save?
  4. Your out hunting and you see a loner on your territory.What do you do?
  5. What postion would you want?
  6. What color are your eyes?
  7. What Would your pelt be?
  8. What would you want your name to be?(These arnt any of the results)
  9. What is your fav. sound?
  10. If you could choose,how old would you be?

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Quiz topic: What Warrior cat am I?