What voice type are you? (For guys)

This quiz will not fully determine, but give you a good idea of what voice type you may be. It works if you're untrained, so don't worry about that. You may want a vocal range app so you can know what notes you are hitting.

Like all quizzes, this took time and work, so if you feel this helped you, please let me know down in the comments, and if you disagree, let me know that too

Created by: scratchmaster
  1. What's the lowest note you can possibly hit in pure chest voice? (We are not counting vocal fry or growl notes here)
  2. What's the lowest note you can support? (The point where your larynx had to lower, and your notes get thin or artificial sounding)
  3. Where is your first passaggio? (Find this by singing a pure "ah" vowel in chest voice. Get higher with this. The point at which your voice has to tilt upwards to sing in the same manner is about where your first passaggio is. I won't ask about your second passagio, because it's relative to the first, so this is all I need.)
  4. What's your highest possible note? (Only count solid falsetto/head voice notes. Don't count screeches, anything that hurts, any note you can't hold out, anything too shrill)
  5. How does your speaking voice sound?
  6. What voice are you most comfortable singing in?
  7. How does your singing voice sound?
  8. This one is for more well trained singers, since new or untrained singers will most likely not have achieved their full potential . How high can you sing with power?
  9. How easy is falsetto to use?
  10. Doesn't matter, but what voice type do you want to be?

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Quiz topic: What voice type am I? (For guys)