What Voice Are You?

This little quiz is about helping you find what voice type you are! Are you a soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone, or bass? These simple questions will help you find what you are!

Are you a soprano able to hit the high notes, a bass who can hit the low notes that make the girls swoon, a mezzo-soprano with multiple vocal abilities, or a tenor who can belt higher notes? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Donny
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  1. What would you say is your strength, high or low notes?
  2. Find a piano or keyboard and start from middle C. Continue down the scale and sing "ah" solidly (including breathy notes) until you can't go any lower. What note is that? Vocal fry notes do not count here.
  3. Using the same piano, start from C4 and continue up the scale singing on "ah" until you can't go any higher. What is that note? (whistle notes count here)
  4. Next thing to look at is your vocal passages. Your first passage is predominantly a chest note. If you feel your voice somewhat switching to a mixed voice, that is your passage. Use the piano to aid you, and what note was your first passage?
  5. Your second passage is mostly mixed voice and less chest voice. Use the same piano or keyboard and work up the scale from C4. What note is you second passage?
  6. Which of these ranges is easiest for you to sing in?
  7. If you were to sing karaoke, a song by which of these allotments of singers do you think is your best bet?
  8. When it comes to higher notes, do you prefer to sing them in a falsetto or belting in chest voice?
  9. Which of these is closest what you believe your range is? (Key: C4 is Middle-C. The tone directly below is a B3.)
  10. Final Question! If you were in an opera, would you be the main star or a major performer?

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