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hi and bye. Mafumafu is a popular utaite well-known for his soft, yet upbeat middle-high ranged voice who started in December 2010 [3]. Mafumafu likes to add different vocal effects to his voice and scream loudly in his covers. He also has a very wide vocal range and a versatile voice, possessing the ability to hit and leap into high notes effortlessly, sometimes in extremely high octaves. These high notes are reached without strain or loss of power.

He often collaborates with Akatin, Amatsuki, un:c, and most frequently with the well-known utaite Soraru. The two are part of the duo unit After the Rain (ATR) and also host Hikikomoranai Radio together, in which the two talk about various subjects and attempt to encourage each other to go outside.

Created by: Mafumafu

  1. So hello do you support the MikaYuu ship?
  2. I am sleeping sh!
  3. Do you like Shura Kirigakure?
  4. And I forgot Hi how are you?
  5. What am I?
  6. ...
  7. I am crying
  8. do you like vocaloid?
  9. almost at the end of this quiz
  10. lemme give you a hug before I go

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